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AT UHS, we RISE through Resilience, Integrity, Scholarship, and Empowerment.

University High School is a year-round program for young adults age 16-22.

Designed for students who are economically disadvantaged, struggling academically, or otherwise at risk in the traditional school system, UHS offers the support you need to earn a high school diploma and pursue a postsecondary education at a community college, four-year university, or vocational school.

We offer Boston students an opportunity to achieve success in school and in life.

Resilience. Integrity. Scholarship. Empowerment.

Our students say:

  • At University High School, they treat us like students and at the end of the day they treat us like human beings. I feel like other schools struggle with treating their students like they have feelings and they have things that they're going through at home because a lot of people that come here have been through a lot in their life and they just need one more chance. I could truthfully say University High School is great and that you'll remember them for life. It's a great atmosphere to be in; very open, very helpful, very cool. Each of you is here for a reason, for your own reason, and more importantly, you're welcomed and we want you here. We want you to continue towards your path to success.  ” 

    ABCD Graduation
    Kiarra Reid
    ABCD University High School Class of 2019