Prospective Students

At UHS, we believe that school should be challenging, relevant, and purposeful. The University High School faculty and staff facilitate efficient and targeted instruction through a Competency-based Education framework. We strive to ensure that the barriers discouraging students from fully engaging in school are addressed.

Prior to graduation, students are engaged in postgraduate planning and upon completion receive follow-up services for one year. Students are able to complete their diploma in the Fall and Spring semesters as well as Summer session.

Compassion, empathy and tenacity are practiced by faculty and staff to support students in achieving their goals.

High School as Experience and Inspiration

University High School provides creative opportunities that help you discover — or rediscover — a love of learning, catch up on your coursework, and graduate from high school. Our innovative classrooms, internships, and experiences promote relevant, hands-on learning that help you prepare for college or whatever next step leads toward your goals.

Who Qualifies?

A UHS student must:

– Be between the ages of 16-22 years old

Be at minimum a repeating 10th grader

– Be a Boston resident

– Provide a high school transcript verifying enrollment or assignment to a secondary program

– Possess documentation of work eligibility

– Register with Selective Service if born male and over the age of 18

Application Process

Students interested in attending a Boston Collaborative High School, like ABCD University High School, must be referred through the Re-Engagement Center (REC). Youth and families are welcome to call the REC at 617.635.2273 or drop in to visit the center, which is located at Madison Park Complex, Bldg 1, 55 Malcolm X Blvd. Roxbury, MA 02119.

Once UHS receives a student referral, students must:

1. Complete an intake application

2. Submit required documentation to demonstrate eligibility

3. Take an assessment to determine basic skills proficiency

4. Interview with a UHS staff member

5. Once accepted students will be enrolled or transferred to Boston Collaborative High School and assigned to ABCD University High School